We firmly believe that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are key elements in correctly evaluating the potential risks of our investments and increasing the capacity of the companies in which we invest to create long-term value.

We promote a Responsible Investment Policy with the objective of integrating ESG criteria in all phases of the investment process. We accompany our businesses in their evolution towards more sustainable business models, prioritising the adoption of innovative products and processes in order to generate shared value for the company and for society as a whole.

In line with this objective, from 2021 we are part of the UN Global Compact and are signatories of the responsible investment principles “United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments” (UN PRI).

We believe in sustainable innovation, regarding it as a key element to create new business models capable of minimising negative social and environmental impact and creating shared value for the regions in which we operate.

Carlo Privitera, Chief Sustainabilty Officer


We are committed to undertaking our activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, directing our strategies towards the prevention and reduction of CO2 emissions and the promotion of a shared culture of environmental protection, seeking innovative solutions to reduce consumption and waste according to the principles of the circular economy. The companies we invest in are encouraged to adopt the same guidelines, reducing their impact on the environment and instead, protecting it.

People lie at the heart of every successful project which looks to generate common and shared growth. We believe in teamwork, fair assessment of talent and diffusion of culture, enhancing meritocracy, fairness and transparency, respecting the rights, diversity and dignity of each individual. Target companies are required to adopt policies to protect the rights of workers and suppliers, according to the principles of equity, diversity and safety of people & the communities in which they operate.

We are committed to operating with integrity, honesty, fairness, and diligence in all relationships with our stakeholders, rejecting all forms of corruption and promoting full compliance with regulations. We expect the companies in which we invest to adopt best practises in their governance, in compliance with shared ethical standards.

We regularly collaborate with key industry associations and players to stay up to date with priorities and regulations relevant to our industry.

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